Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Other Statue

The Other Statue is a return to Edward Gorey's non-linear style of story- telling. Each page can stand alone and the events connect in a wacky kind of way, however "filling in the gaps" is left to the reader's imagination. As I have stated in previous posts, these are my personal favorite type of Gorey Stories.

Another great "Gorey Item" appears in this story - the Stuffed Twisby that ends up disemboweled. Over the years, my partner Bill has made several Gorey-inspired stuffed objects, and one of our dogs was once presented with a Twisby. True to form, she disemboweled it and it no longer exists!

On the back cover of the book, Mr. Gorey illustrated an announcement of The Secrets, The Night Bandage along with the banner To Follow. It is my understanding that this proposed title doesn't exist.

The Other Statue was published in 1968 by Simon and Schuster, New York, and is a hardcover book with a matching illustrated dust jacket. My first edition copy is signed and inscribed to me by Edward Gorey. This book appears in Amphigorey Again and is currently in print as a separate volume, available through online booksellers. I am showing my first printing, along an uncorrected proof copy for the most reprint of this title.


'Pie said...

What is a twisby? Did Gorey make this up?

ampootozote said...

Yes, this is one of Mr. Gorey's creations. I find the word wonderfully descriptive as the name for a toy. To see a picture of the Twisby, you have to look at the illustrations in the book.