Friday, July 10, 2009

Later Graham/Gorey shows

The 1974 exhibition was successful enough for Mr. Gorey to be included in two more shows at The Graham Gallery. In 1975, EG created pieces for an exhibition entitled Problem Pictures. There is a folded announcement card for this exhibition, but it has virtually no information about this show apart from the dates - December 2 - 31, 1975. I have not seen any listing for what was included in this exhibition, so the three examples printed on the folded card are the only works we know were in the exhibit. The copy I am showing has been signed by Mr. Gorey.

I know that there was work by at least one other artist shown in the gallery at the same time. Artist Alexa Grace appears to have had some pottery shown in this same exhibition. Enquiries for information to Graham Gallery and Ms. Grace have, as yet, remained unanswered.

In 1979, a holiday group show at Graham had works by four artists including art by Edward Gorey. I have the announcement card for this exhibition which shows one piece of art from each of the four artists who participated.

The image at the top of the border was drawn by Mr. Gorey. It shows a snake being straddled by two mice and which is adorned by a holiday bow around its middle. I know the person who owns this piece of original artwork, but once again, have no idea what else might have been exhibited.

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