Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Metropolitan Opera Original Artwork

Edward Gorey was a lover of all things theatrical. He went to every performance of the New York City Ballet, took in countless films, and enjoyed live theater. Because of his extensive knowledge and interest, Mr. Gorey was often hired by the arts community to create images for merchandising items. Posters, programs, mugs, tee-shirts, note cards and towels all were adorned with Gorey's distinctive images, and were available for purchase in gift shops and catalogs.

I have one piece of original Edward Gorey artwork which was created for the Metropolitan Opera. This wonderful piece of art shows Marguerite from the opera Faust. Adorned with jewels, Marguerite is looking very pleased with herself and her situation. This was one of two pieces of original artwork (the other featuring a male opera character) created for the opera in a matching format that were supposedly printed on night shirts or tee-shirts. The artwork is hand signed.

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