Friday, April 30, 2010

1988 - 1989

1988 was something of a bleak year for Gorey collectors. The Raging Tide had been published in 1987, and there would not be another "A" Collection book published until 1989. There were several publications with Gorey illustrations, but this is the first year since the 1956 when there hadn't been at least one new Gorey book to delight his fans.

It could be said that 1974 was also a drought year for Gorey publications since the only new title that year was Categor y, which was not exactly a new work for Mr. Gorey. The drawings for this title were completed in 1972 to accompany the limited edition of Amphigorey (see my posting from June 1, 2009). It was however, a new work to his fans who had not seen these drawings.

Why were there no new works in 1988? If memory serves me, I believe that it was around this time period when Mr. Gorey had some health issues which slowed him down temporarily. Mr. Gorey would delight his fans in 1989 with an explosion of new works publishing five new books.

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