Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Menaced Objects Postcards

Edward Gorey created many postcards over the years, both as individual cards and as themed packs. In 1989, he published Menaced Objects, Dogear Wryde Postcards, a postcard set that consists of 16 illustrated postcards issued in an illustrated envelope. This collection shows objects in situations which usually appear to be harmless enough - until you read the captions on the reverse side of each card.

The postcards were available as a signed, limited edition of 250 numbered packs, and were also sold as a "trade" edition which without the limitation. The limitation appears on a separate colophon card in the pack. Surprisingly, the set is signed by "Edward Gorey" and not "Dogear Wyrde". I have a regular trade set, and am showing set #68/250.

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