Friday, September 10, 2010

More Dracula Pillow Designs

After my posting on August 22, 2010, the folks at the Edward Gorey House were kind enough to find the pillow I showed in my posting and forward a better photo for everyone to see. Standing in the gallery, Assistant Director Duncan Gibson (on the right) and his partner Morgan are shown holding the pillow for a better view. This photo also gives a glimpse of the current exhibition and shows just how many wonderful books, artwork and objects are on display.

While taking another look at my previous posting/photo, I realized that I forgot to point out that Director Rick Jones is thumbing through a sketchbook of rough sketches for the pillows (click on the photo to enlarge). This is a good example of each step of the working methods Edward Gorey went through for this stage production. The first step was to sketch and jot down notes on his ideas in a notebook. The second step was to refine and define his ideas into a finished piece of art which was given to the theater's set crew. The final step was to use the drawings to create the life sized sets and set decorations.


Susan said...

Love the pillow! And that was so nice of the Edward Gorey House folks to send you that pic - makes me happy I'm a member!

Keep up the wonderful job you're doing with this blog - I always enjoy reading your posts!

Golden_Eyes said...

Your blog is wonderful! Keep it up! I totally adore the pillow. I honestly think Gorey should have been designing his own line of furnishings / interior-decor items. I am in love with that pillow.