Monday, January 3, 2011

Odd Songs

Edward Gorey created illustrations for books, posters, theatrical productions and even record jackets. His earliest example of record jacket art is Odd Songs and a Poem by Cyril Ritchard. This wonderfully wacky album cover was published in 1954 by Dolphin Records and has full front and back cover illustrations by Mr. Gorey. I was given a lovely copy of this album for my birthday last month!

Cyril Ritchard (1897 - 1977) was an Australian actor and performer who is best remembered for his role as Captain Hook in the 1954 Broadway production of Peter Pan co-starring Mary Martin. His Tony Award winning performance was repeated on television in 1954 (with Ms. Martin). Another wild and woolly television performance from 1965 can be seen (in part) below, when Mr. Ritchard starred as the Wolf (in Grandma's clothing) alongside Liza Minnelli as an improbable Red Riding Hood.


Bloglion said...

Well that absolutely made my day. Hello 2011!

ampootozote said...

I thought we should all start 2011 with a really good laugh...or possibly a good scare!