Thursday, May 19, 2011

2011 Edward Gorey House Exhibition

The 10th Anniversary exhibition has opened at The Edward Gorey House in Yarmouth Port, MA. The theme of this year's exhibition is Edward Gorey and the Performing Arts. This broad subject cuts a wide path through Mr. Gorey's entire career, and the exhibition is one of the most entertaining shows The House has mounted (pun intended).

Following in the footsteps of many past exhibitions, this year's delightful show features many pieces of original artwork and ephemera which have never before been previous on public display. The two images of original Edward Gorey artwork were provided by The Edward Gorey House. All areas of the performing arts favorites are represented, from Mr. Gorey's signature designs for the Broadway production of Dracula to television, including Mystery! Also on display are selections from the worlds of poetry, opera, ballet, and a large selection of items related to Mr. Gorey's shows presented on and around Cape Cod in the 1980's and 90's.

A number of Mr. Gorey's hand made puppets which made appearances in several entertainments are displayed. Below is a video showing the rehearsal process (captured by Mooncusser Films) for a puppet show. Words to live by, "Not so much twitching, please".

For just one more week, visitors to the Boston area can get a double whammy of Gorey. The Elegant Enigmas show at the Athenaeum is closing next week...RUN, don't walk to get to the show!

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Sharman Prince said...

We don't get to see much Gorey over here so I hope some more of his theatrical art is published, online at least.