Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mohonk Mountain House Mystery Weekends

Annual Murder Mystery Weekends at the Mohonk Mountain House resort began in 1977 and continue today. Located in the Caskill Mountains near New York City, guests arrive at the hotel where actors, some posing as guests, provide an interactive weekend in which a murder takes place and everyone is encouraged to help solve the mystery. The final solution is provided, along with brunch, on Sunday morning. Also present at these weekends are mystery authors who provide talks about their work.

Edward Gorey was commissioned to provide a brochure illustration for the very first of these weekends, and continued to do so for many years. Mr. Gorey created classic images for each brochure, my favorite being the killer posing as a snowman from 1979. I am not sure how many brochures he illustrated, but I know my set is incomplete. I have six brochures and each is hand signed by Mr. Gorey. The first two brochures are printed in two colors, the others in black and white.
A theme is picked for each mystery weekend, and after the first two January outings, the event seems to have moved permanently to March.

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