Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Edward Gorey On Stage

Edward Gorey on Stage by Carol Verburg (Boom-Boom Books, 2012) is now available as a paperback book (see my post from July 29, 2012).

In response to comments and suggestions, Ms. Verburg was at first mystified as to how an interactive e-reader could be translated into a printed book format, but her inventive mind soon realized it could  be done! In the electronic format, there are links throughout the book that the reader can click on. These links take the reader directly to the websites and blogs being quoted in the text.

In the printed version, Ms. Verburg has come up with a unique way of recreating this experience. Throughout the volume, QR codes are placed near the appropriate text. By downloading an app to your smartphone, you can read the codes and be whisked away to view the expanded information.

I am thrilled that Edward Gorey on Stage is now available in book form.

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