Saturday, May 25, 2013

Edward Gorey New York City Ballet Pinback Buttons

Edward Gorey was an enthusiast and supporter of the New York City Ballet. One way he showed his support was to create images which the Ballet could have printed on merchandise which they sold in their gift store. Posters, cards, clothing, beach towels, and pinback buttons all were adorned with Gorey images.

I am showing three pieces of original artwork that Edward Gorey created in October 1975 to be used as pinback buttons for the ballet. This artwork was offered to me many years ago by Gotham Book Mart, but unfortunately I was unable to acquire them at the time. I am especially fond of the image at the bottom with the dancer being held aloft. The composition of this design is both gravity defying and amusing. I do not know how dancers are trained to hold their hands when striking a pose, but this ballerina's hands have a manic look about them even though her expression is confident.

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