Friday, June 28, 2013

More Edward Gorey Mugs

On my posting from January 22, 2012, I showed a number of Edward Gorey designed mugs that I have in my collection. A generous follower of this blog has sent photos of three mugs that I did not show.

There were two mugs created for the Signals catalog to advertise Mystery!, the weekly series of classic and modern murder stories. The two designs were made with printing that partially disappeared when the mug was filled with hot liquid, revealing new plot twists. While nice in theory, the mugs never really worked that well, and with repeated use the disappearing ink goes mid-tone grey. These mugs must also be hand washed. This is the second design, the first being shown in my previous post. The small helicopter that appears to be hovering at a distance is one of the more unusual aspects of this mug.

The other two designs forwarded to me are mugs that feature Figbash, that enigmatic creature created by Mr. Gorey for his book The Raging Tide. Figbash cavorts merrily on both of these mugs, dancing with a gramophone horn on one and floating amongst commas on the other. The mug with the commas was created for Mr. Gorey's show Inverted Commas.

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