Saturday, October 5, 2013

Goreyana Turns Five!

"Welcome to my Edward Gorey blog." This was the first sentence of my first post on October 5, 2008. I began Goreyana ~ my collecting blog devoted to the works of Edward Gorey five years ago today and as of this morning, my blog has just topped 200,000 visits.

I could not be more thrilled and I would like to thank everyone who has visited this blog and has enjoyed my posts. I have especially enjoyed hearing from others with an interest the work of Edward Gorey. Your comments and questions keep me writing and researching topics of interest. I look forward to the next five years.

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Jean said...

Happy birthday, blog! I thought of you yesterday when I found an unexpected Gorey cover on a book I got through ILL. The plot of the novel turns out to be perfect for it, too. It's "Let's Kill Uncle" by Rohan O'Grady.