Sunday, November 10, 2013

Doubtful Guest Doll

One of Edward Gorey's most beloved characters is the Doubtful Guest. Making its first appearance in 1957 in the book of the same name, all we really know of the creature (is it an animal??) is that it wears sneakers and a long striped scarf, appears mysteriously, and does not leave. As it takes up permanent residence with a Victorian family, it shows all the characteristics of a beloved pet and a petulant child.

In 1974, the Doubtful Guest was gloriously brought to life as a Gorey-approved, three-dimensional, hand-made doll. Limited to 50 numbered copies and several lettered copies (A - D) - the limitation is hand written by Edward Gorey on tags which were sewn onto the doll's scarf - the highly detailed DG doll was issued in a box with a paper label affixed to the lid. I am showing doll #21/50. According to Goreyography, a set of lettered dolls were produced in 1995 by the same makers of the original limited edition and each bears a signature label.

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