Thursday, January 23, 2014

Edward Gorey's 1974 Show at Graham Gallery

As frequent readers of my blog have no doubt realized, I am slightly obsessed with Edward Gorey's two Graham Gallery shows from 1974 & 1975. There is a printed checklist for the '74 show, but nothing seems to exist for the '75 show, so the later exhibition remains more enigmatic than the earlier outing.

Since I have been locating and posting images from the '74 show somewhat piecemeal over the past several years, I thought it might be nice to see as much of the show as possible in one post. I have identified 21 of the 46 images created for the show. If anyone has images for any of the still elusive pieces and would care to forward them, I would love to be able to add them to the posting.

1. Trying to feed the baby to the dog
2. Two children on a rock
3. Cell
4. Chinese life
5. Dancing on the Sabbath 
6. Animals and wall
7. China design: picnic
8. Birds and car
9. Animals and train
10. Ballet dancer on skull
11. Football player with skull
12. Bathroom wallpaper design
13. Animals and urn
14. After a Staffordshire sugarbowl

15. Child on swing
16. The white butterfly
17. A dull afternoon
18. Platter design
19. Man and floating skull
20. Unpleasant fan design
21. Blue urns
22. Plain & Coloured Drawings (cover of booklet)
23. Verso: Plain & Coloured Drawings (rear cover of booklet)
24. Discrete self-portrait
25. Tennis (This is a guess - not sure if this is the correct image)
26. Animal going to a party
27. Animal holding banner
28. String dance I - IIII
29. Cat on cardboard rocks
30. Cat with umbrella and flower
31. Cat wearing long scarf
32. Cat inside empty picture frame
33. Cat drawing wallpaper
34. Cat between andirons
35. Cat on mantelpiece
36. Cat in portable niche

37. Cat at the devil's thimble
38. Masked cat behind pillar
39. Masked cat dancing beside pool
40. Cat at the corner of a carpet
41. Cat composing a poem
42. Cat appearing between parting clouds
43. Cat ascending on a piece of stage machinery
44. Ninety nine puppies wearing orange knitted caps
45. Waxworks
46. Peas


anna mancini said...

Fantastic! Incredibili e molto simpatici tra l'altro....mi piace tantissimo Edward... il suo stile, la sua storia, la sua personalità che trapela inevitabilmente nelle sue creazioni che giuncono a noi anche grazie a te :-)....grazie e non smettere. Un abbraccio, Anna*

Michiel Desittere said...

The "Tennis" image may have been inspired by belgian symbolist Fernand Khnopff's painting "Memories - or Lawn Tennis".
Note the woman's gowns, hats and collars.