Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cottage Classics - The Making of Goreyography

Malcolm Whyte, in addition to being one of the founders of the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco, has been the publisher of many small press books for over 40 years. Mr. Whyte and his wife are also collectors of cartoon and comic artwork. Many exhibitions mounted at the Cartoon Art Museum have represented the various facets of his collecting interests. One of Mr. Whyte's collecting interests are the works of Edward Gorey.  

Cottage Classics, Their Makers & The Making is Mr. Whyte's latest volume, published by his Word Play Publications. Limited to 300 large format paperback copies, Cottage Classics devotes one chapter each to eight different publications he has produced with different artists. The second chapter takes us on the journey traveled to produce Henry Toledano's 1996 bibliography of the works of Edward Gorey titled Goreyography.

The chapter recounts the story of Goreyography from its origins to ultimate publication. As with the chapters devoted to the other artists, the book traces all aspects of the publishing process including concept, contracts, commissioned artwork, printing and distribution. Each chapter is also illustrated with sketches, mockups and examples of finished artwork for the volumes discussed. The book presents a "behind the desk" look at small press publications.

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