Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gorey in Chicago

I had the opportunity to take in the G is for Gorey - C is for Chicago exhibition at Loyola University last week when I attended the presentation by Karen Wilken. (I am happily anticipating entering the exhibit below) This double whammy Edward Gorey exhibit is presented at LUMA, the University of Loyola's art museum located in downtown Chicago.

Having previously viewed Elegant Enigmas in its Boston incarnation, it was delightful to revisit the show in a different setting. I believe this is now the sixth time this exhibition has been presented and the core exhibit, with some omissions and additions from the previous outings, remains as solid as ever. Individual pieces from the Estate and items borrowed from collectors will occasionally change for each showing.

New gems on display include early artwork on loan for this showing and the addition of archival materials pertaining to Edward Gorey's formative years in Chicago. Thomas Michalak has donated his Gorey collection to the University and many pieces from the collection are included in the show, giving added depth to the presentation.

The show continues through June 15th and is not to be missed!

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SnuffyPuff said...

Scott and I went to see it last month. Its such a wonderful collection " Books, Cats. Life is Good "