Friday, May 9, 2014

Auction News

The auction of The Edward Gorey Collection of Sam Speigel at Swann Galleries has come and gone, and the majority of books, posters, pieces of ephemera and artwork have found new homes in numerous collections. Prices realized were strong, with fewer than 20 of 130 lots remaining unsold at the end of the auction.

Mr. Speigel's collection was of particular interest for the numerous limited edition, lettered copies of Edward Gorey's books that were offered. Never before has there been this wide a variety of limited edition lettered copies available for purchase at one time.

Standouts amongst the pieces which sold included several rarely seen hand colored limited edition books and postcards. A signed copy of The Beastly Baby did particularly well, as did the grouping of hand signed, limited edition posters for theatrical productions.

It is unlikely that another collection of this depth will be offered anytime soon.

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