Monday, June 23, 2014

Figbash Dancing on Steeple

After his debut in The Raging Tide, Figbash would become one of Edward Gorey's most recognizable characters. Figbash cavorted across theater sets, announcement cards, posters, fine art prints, his own alphabet book, and as hand sewn dolls made by Mr. Gorey himself. Even with these frequent sightings, original artwork featuring Figbash rarely appears outside of the Gorey Archives.

Edward Gorey created the color artwork in 1993 as an apology for losing/mislaying some books which Linda Moody of Moody Books had sent to Mr. Gorey for signing. When the books were eventually found, Mr. Gorey signed the material and returned it with a short letter of apology and the accompanying painting of Figbash. Mrs. Moody eventually sold the artwork to Gotham Book Mart (where I acquired it), but had mislaid the note. A few years later, she located the note and sold it through an online auction. I was outbid at the time, but have recently been able to acquire the note from the collector who bought it and they are now happily reunited once more!

Did Edward Gorey have "cleaning ladies", or was this just his way of apologizing for mislaying the books?


Christopher Seufert said...

He did in fact have cleaning ladies. Great story!

Megan Coyle said...

I wonder if he was referring to his cats as cleaning ladies! ;)

David Neale-Lorello said...

If you ever decide to sell this piece, please let me know? It is one of my favorite Figbashes; exquisite!