Sunday, July 13, 2014

Three Books from the Fantod Press IV - Deluxe Edition

Published in 1973 by The Fantod Press, Edward Gorey's last installment of Three Books from Fantod Press IV contains three individual books published concurrently and issued together in an envelope. All three titles are limited to 500 unnumbered, unsigned copies which were housed in a printed white envelope. See my post from May 28, 2009 for more information on this set.

In addition to the envelope sets, Fantod IV was issued as a deluxe signed limited edition of 26 A-Z lettered copies which were housed in a special beige slipcase with a printed label. I recently acquired this long sought after slipcased edition. Each of the books in the set are hand signed by Edward Gorey on a special colophon page and are lettered "F" of 26 copies.

As with most early slipcased titles by Mr. Gorey, the glue used to attach the printed label was not archival and bled through the label itself.

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