Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Watch the Birdie

Here is an illustration by Edward Gorey for Friends Magazine from August 1962. Chevrolet produced this magazine from 1960 until the mid/late 60's as a giveaway extolling the virtues of owning your own car so you could travel and see the "real" America.

The copy reads (in part), "The expression "Watch the birdie" may work well at home with youngsters you know, but when you attempt to take pictures of the colorful but evasive people you meet on your travels, the situation calls for diplomacy." The photo essay is goes on to give advice about photographing the indigenous peoples one will meet while traveling.

It would be interesting to know how specific the information given to Mr. Gorey was for this assignment. Was he asked for an image of traditional photography, or just given a basic outline for the one page spread?

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