Thursday, October 9, 2014

2014 Edward Gorey House Prints

The Edward Gorey House has released its three new limited edition prints for 2014.

Each year, the Edward Gorey House produces several limited edition prints. The selection for 2014 includes two panels from a favorite Fantod Press story, a Holiday treat, and an unusual image showing a hovering Deity. Each limited edition print is hand numbered and "signed" with an embossed facsimile of Edward Gorey's signature. To purchase prints, visit the Edward Gorey House website.

12 Lords a'Leaping - The final chapter of the perennial Christmas song - 12 Days of Christmas - is brought to life in this colorful image.

The Evil Garden - Depicted are two panels from the The Evil Garden, one of the books included in Three Books from the Fantod Press I, 1966. Artwork from this book is part of current exhibition.

God Hovers In Jammies - This little known image was created to publicize a 1965 Gorey exhibition in California. The title of this print comes from a line in Mr. Gorey's Thoughtful Alphabet VIII (published as a broadside in 1996):

Be calm.
Don't eat fruitcake.
God Hovers in jammies.
Keep leaning Mother Nature's orations.
Perplexing questions remain.
Something turns underneath.
Various whatevers examined yield zilch.


Unknown said...

Do you happen to know what Edward Gorey used to 'color' his illustrations?

ampootozote said...

Edward Gorey usually used watercolors to color his artwork. The colors on these particular prints were not done by Mr. Gorey himself - they are black and white images that the estate has authorized having colored for publication.

Lynette Harper said...

I just completed a jigsaw puzzle of "God Hovers in Jammies," a Pomegranate Art Piece Puzzle licensed by the Edward Gorey Charitable Trust. Though the puzzle box identifies the image as "Untitled, 1965" I prefer the title you have provided in the blog!