Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Read A Scary Story

As October approaches and the leaves begin to change color, I always get in the mood to read a scary book or two. My go-to series at this time of year is the Edward Gorey illuminated John Bellairs series. I have begun the fall line-up with one of my favorites, The Chessman of Doom.

This story has all the elements of a great Bellairs' tale, with Johnny, Fergie, and cranky Professor Childermass trying to outwit an evil sorcerer who is intent on destroying the world. This title also has my favorite frontis illustration from the series created by Edward Gorey. Menacing and creepy, our intrepid trio is confronted by a skull-headed man in a cassock who shows them three coffins, which are intended to be occupied by the visitors.

Just as watching the movie Mary Poppins always results in the making of gingerbread, a side effect of reading any of John Bellairs stories is that they force you to make gooey chocolate cakes!


Miggsy Howard said...

I owned a paperback edition of this book years and years ago!
Ugh, the cakes!!! Seriously, Prof. should have retired from his teaching post to open up a bakery.

ampootozote said...

I agree...A Sachertorte is not part of everyone's regular baking experience.

Jean said...

Agreed on the cakes! I love Chessmen of Doom, and it has wonderful illustrations.