Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spring Poetry

 Poetry Northwest is a quarterly publication from the University of Washington, Seattle which was first published in 1960. The Spring 1964 issue featured a cover image and four interior illustrations by Edward Gorey. This issue only includes poems by women, and Mr. Gorey contributes with images of poetess' executed with his typical wit and charm. Each of the drawings includes a hand lettered description.  The cover illustration shows, "Three poetesses in black at a symposium".

The first interior illustration on page 25 shows a, "Budding poetess about to write a poem to a butterfly".

Next we have, "Light-verse poetess at work on an epigram". This is followed by, "Amateur poetess writing an autumn ode in her head on the way home from the supermarket'.

The final image is my favorite, "Poetess at the height of her reputation about to recite a recent work".

My thanks go to a reader of this blog who provided me with better scans than I had available.

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