Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Brooklyn Railroad

Published in the July 1962 issue of Friends Magazine, this drawing by Edward Gorey illustrates the article, On Brooklyn Streets And Subway Tracks, It's A Fine Place To Run A Railroad. This is one of my personal favorite pieces of original Gorey artwork in my collection.

This beautifully rendered image shows a train slowly passing through a neighborhood on a summer day. The children are playing with their animal companions on the steps of a walk-up and all are transfixed by the passing train. This is obviously the event of the day; even the large black dog is all attention, while the scrappy striped cat atop the fence is leaning to peer at the train. I find it interesting that the drawing has a warm, nostalgic feel even though the neighborhood it is passing through appears to be in disrepair and the copious amounts of smoke belching from the train would make it a most unwelcome visitor.

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