Monday, April 3, 2017

2017 Edward Gorey House Show

On Saturday April 15th the Edward Gorey House will open their 2017 exhibition, Edward Gorey's Cabinet of Curiosities. The annual exhibitions at The House are always unique experiences that focus on different aspects of the works and life of writer/artist/illustrator Edward Gorey. With an emphasis on the collecting passions and unusual collections favored by Mr. Gorey, the 2017 exhibit promises to be the most personal show put together by The House.
The moniker Wunderkammer, or Cabinet of Curiosities stems from the practice, started by European nobles in the 15th Century of forming and displaying eclectic collections in large wardrobe-like cabinets or rooms that could be locked for safe keeping and opened to display the wonders within. The curiosities were usually be an eclectic mix of objects that would reflect the interests and tastes of the master of the house. Anything was fair game to be included, and the owner took pride in the acquisition and display of the objects within.

Edward Gorey's entire home could easily have been classified a Wunderkammer. Rare pieces were displayed next to yard sale finds, rocks that looked like frogs stood sentry on the porch, while cheese graters and pepper mills were arranged to resemble armies or towns. All the objects collected by Mr. Gorey inspired and informed his work, and many direct (and obscure) parallels can be seen in the objects he lived with and his artwork.

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Exhibition photographs by James Edwards courtesy of The Edward Gorey House.

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