Friday, January 11, 2019

Mary Rogers

Born on this date in 1931, Mary Rogers (January 11, 1931 to June 26, 2014) was a musical theater composer, performer, and the author of four children's books. Three of her four children's books have cover designs by Edward Gorey.

Freaky Friday (published by Harper and Row, 1972) tells the story of a day when thirteen year old Annabel Andrews and her mother switch bodies by unexplained means. The switch is initiated by Mrs. Andrews as an object lesson for her daughter, who through the course of the day comes to appreciate her mother and herself more fully.

A Billion for Boris (published by Harper and Row, 1974) once again visits the Andrews family. This time, Annabel, her boyfriend Boris, and brother Ben known as "Ape Face". When Annabel's brother fixes a broken television set, the TV shows programming from the future. Boris tries to make some money betting on upcoming horse races, while Annabel tries to help people who will fall victim to future ill fortune. Ape Face just wants to watch the forbidden afternoon Creature Feature program.

The third installment, Summer Switch (Harper and Row, 1982) once again finds the Andrews family switching bodies, this time Ape Face and his father simultaneously wish they were in each others shoes, and once again a day long adventure ensues.

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