Saturday, June 27, 2009

More B. Altman Advertising

The second piece of original artwork in my collection from the B. Altman advertising campaign is another unusual image by Edward Gorey. This ad is promoting a special consignment of rugs which have been imported by Altman's by their rug department.

For this ad, Mr. Gorey has drawn a rather bemused camel with a rider. Apart from his eyes, the rider is completely shrouded in his travel robes. Even though he is really just a mass of fabric atop the camel, Mr. Gorey has shown his skill in rendering an instantly recognizable human figure beneath the cloth. The rug shown in the ad is not part of the artwork, but was a photo of a rug added by the art director. As with the other advertisements from this series, this full page ad is overloaded with blocks of type and rather poorly designed.

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