Monday, June 1, 2009

Categor y

1973 was such a busy year for Edward Gorey, that Categor y had to have been intended as an "easy" project. Using the 50 cat drawings he created for the limited edition of Amphigorey (see my post from April 15, 2009), Mr. Gorey did not have to create any new artwork for this volume apart from the title page and cover paste-up. Production problems resulted in the book not being published until 1974. As with many things in life, often the projects that should be easy take more time than others.

Categor y was published by The Gotham Book Mart in a signed, limited edition of 100 numbered and 26 lettered copies. These copies were bound in hardback and issued in a specially made slipcase. At the top of the posting I am showing book #72/100 from this edition.

The first trade edition was also published by The Gotham Book Mart in grey/blue wrappers with a pasted label on the front. My copy is signed by Mr. Gorey on the title page.

Categor y appears to be a favorite title for reprints, even though it has no text and consists of numbered drawings of cats. This title appears in Amphigorey Again and has been reprinted as an individual book a few times, first as a hard cover book (white laminated boards, no DJ, shown at left) by Adama, which is the worst printing of this title - the colors are way off and the quality of the printing is really bad.

Categor y has become available recently from Pomegranate as a hardcover in illustrated dust wrapper. The Pomegranate printing is a nicely produced edition, and is shown to the left.

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Goreyphile said...

I have a ltd/signed copy and I am happy to have it!! This is one of the somewhat a scarcer than ususal editions to find, like the Lavender Leotard ltd/signed. Keep up the good work!! love it!!