Saturday, August 8, 2009

Les Passementeries Horribles

Les Passementeries Horribles is one of Edward Gorey's "text-less" volumes. The drawings all show monstrous tassels in unlikely situations. Published by the Albondocani Press in 1976 (Albondocani publication #21) in a limited edition of 300 signed/numbered copies and 26 A to Z copies, this book is reprinted in Amphigorey Also. I am showing copy #131/300 (above). Also shown here is the front and back of the publication announcement card from The Gotham Book Mart (below left and right).

One of the exhibits at the Edward Gorey House that I found quite amazing shows the actual tassels that Mr. Gorey collected and used as inspiration for this book. In the book, he drew the various tassels life size and correct to the smallest detail. He then created scenes and landscapes in which they they become oversized, menacing objects of doom!

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