Sunday, August 16, 2009

More Broken Spoke Original Art

One of my favorite images in The Broken Spoke is that of Daffodil, the devilish dachshund who terrorizes cyclists. Poised beside the entrance to Laurel Villa, Daffodil waits, tail a quiver, to pounce on the next cyclist who passes by. One of my sisters lives with two dachshunds, but thankfully, they are much friendlier than the unstoppable Daffodil!

This is another one of my favorite pieces of original Edward Gorey artwork. The artwork is signed in pencil at the lower right. The line work in this piece is incredibly detailed and fine. I especially enjoy that it is a complete story in itself.

When creating artwork for his "A Collection" books, Edward Gorey wrote the date he started and completed each drawing on the reverse of the piece of art. He does not appear to have done this on other artwork he created, but it is fun to see the dates on both pieces I have from this book.


LB PET said...

Do you have the best sources for original art/prints from the master?

ampootozote said...

It used to be that Gotham Book Mart was the best source for original art, since it all came from Mr. Gorey and they were his dealer. Now that GBM is gone, illustration auctions and the internet are usually where things can be found since most dealers will post their holdings on the net...Original artwork is still pretty rare on the market though.

For prints, go to They have the best selection of prints right now, and are publishing several new limited edition prints yearly.