Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dracula Photos

Since it is Halloween, I thought it would be appropriate to look at another pair of Dracula items today!

Here are two 8" x 10" glossy photographs of artwork from Edward Gorey's Dracula. These photos were sold through Gotham Book Mart and are hand signed by Edward Gorey. The images appear as the cover art for The World of Edward Gorey (by Karen Wilken & Clifford Ross, published by Harry N. Abrams in 2002). The photo at the bottom of the post shows the stamping on the back of the first photo. The second photo does not have a stamp on the reverse.

With the success of Dracula on Broadway, Mr. Gorey was approached to create an illustrated version of this classic novel. He completed cover drawings and several interior pages. Unfortunately, Mr. Gorey grew tired of the project and never completed the book. The original art was displayed in 2006 at the Edward Gorey House as part of their Dracula exhibition (this exhibition also traveled to the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco).

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