Sunday, October 25, 2009

Signals Catalog

Since I mentioned the Signals Catalog in a previous posting, I thought I would address this venue for obtaining Edward Gorey collectibles. Created as a catalog for items relating to PBS programs (and much, much more), the Signals Catalog has always had a wide variety of Gorey books, tee shirts and ephemera available for purchase.

Signals still features Gorey merchandise, the newest of which is a series of animation-style laser cell prints which come matted and ready to frame. These multiple layer prints take classic Gorey images give them a slightly three dimensional quality. The most recent of the cell prints is The Gashlycrumb Tinies cover art. They are nicely done and give a new dimension to several Gorey images.

The most unusual collectible series created by Edward Gorey exclusively for Signals (beginning in 1992) were the Signals' Prints. This series of 10 offset lithographs features original, highly detailed scenes drawn by Mr. Gorey. Each of the 10 prints were issued in two states: a signed/numbered edition and an unsigned/numbered edition. The first print in the series had 625 signed & 1275 unsigned prints (see photo above, print #99/650). This edition sold so well that Signals upped the number of prints on the remaining 9 images to 850 signed and 1750 unsigned prints. The first print in the series also had a small number of Artist's Proof prints. The 10th print in the series is the only one to be created in full color (see photo below, print #640/850). All prints came matted and framed under glass, ready to hang on the wall.

I would like to point out that the Signals prints have conservation issues. These prints are matted in acidic mattes, and are held in place with masking tape. This means that the framing materials will eventually leach acids and discolor the prints they are showcasing. I have the first and last prints from the series in my collection. I removed my prints from the mattes, then had them professionally neutralized (taking particular care to have all masking tape residue professionally removed). I re-framed the prints in acid free mattes, and decided that since I was re-framing the prints, I would change the colors of the mattes to better suit my tastes.

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