Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Dwindling Party

Edward Gorey was constantly inspired by new formats for his books. The challenge of creating The Dwindling Party as a three dimensional pop-up book fired his imagination. Because every surface (front and back) of the pop-ups are illustrated, this "Gorey Story" invites us to step inside, wander about and see all there is to see.

The Dwindling Party begins even before the reader opens the book. The story starts on the front cover and finishes on the rear cover. Each turn of the page shows a scene where the viewer can enhance their experience by creating movement or open secret doors. As the fantastic story literally unfolds in the viewers hands, the besotted family disappears one by one. Mr. Gorey has told us this story before (or a story that is almost the same) in The Evil Garden, but without color and movement.

The Dwindling Party was published in 1982 by Random House as a laminated hard cover book. First printings of the book have a number line running down to "0" behind a flap on the first page. The earliest printings also have a "peel off" price sticker on the front cover of $8.95. The copy I am showing is signed and inscribed to me by Edward Gorey.


Lee said...

My mother (a rabid Gorey-aholic) gave me this book for my 11th birthday in 1982, starting me down the road to Gorey-mania. Thank you for this blog! It's good to know that there are others out there who appreciate Mr. Gorey as much as we do.

ampootozote said...

I am always cheered when I hear "Rabid Gorey-aholic" referring to someone other than myself!