Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Card

Edward Gorey created many, many Holiday images for Christmas. Most of these have ended up on cards at some time, past or present. One of the harder to find Gorey Christmas cards is a delightful silhouette image he created in 1990. Sold in shrink wrapped packs of ten around Cape Cod, all profits from the sale of these cards were used to help people in need in that community.

The image Mr. Gorey created for this card has a plethora of animals and insects cavorting around a large Noel, which has been decorated for Christmas. Joyously calling in the holiday season are a grasshopper, alligator, butterfly, snake, rhinoceros, dragonfly, bat, a many legged insect on a swing, and frogs on a railway cart. There is also an elephant with wings and a flying pig proclaiming with a trumpet. Inside the "O" is a moon with what appears to be a family of Doubtful Guests - I suppose even the Doubtful Guest had parents!

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