Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More Cape Cod Christmas Cards

In 1989, Edward Gorey produced another set of Christmas Cards that were sold around Cape Cod, whose profits from the sales were used to help people in need in that community (see my post from December 5, 2009). Here are the three Gorey Christmas images (which I have not seen reprinted). Each card has a red accent within the image, and each appears to be hand signed by Mr. Gorey.

The first shows a young girl and her cat - who is as large as she is - waiting expectantly for Christmas to arrive.

The second shows a woman and her son decorating a Christmas tree. Once again the Teddy Bear held by the child is as large as he is. Through the window in the distance, a Cap Cod lighthouse is visible.

The third card shows a muffled man taking a break from shoveling while a boy and a dog trot past. The dog has either been decorated for the holiday, or has run afoul of some Christmas decorations.

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Susan said...

I've always enjoyed Mr. Gorey's Christmas cards - thank you for posting about them!
Wishing you a Happy 2010 - with many more blog entries to come, I hope! :o)