Thursday, January 14, 2010

E. D. Ward A Mercurial Bear

Edward Gorey surrounded himself with stuffed animals, plush toys (in various states of disintegration), and was especially fond of Teddy Bears. Looking at the photographs of his home in Kevin McDermott's book Elephant House, you will see many bears residing in the house.

What do most Teddy Bear lovers do with their bears? They dress them up! E.D. Ward, A Mercurial Bear is Mr. Gorey's Teddy Bear dress-up book. Published in 1983 by The Gotham Book Mart, E.D. Ward is a paper doll book in which the participant can hand color the bear and it's clothes, then cut them out, dress the bear, and dance and play with their costumed friend.

This book was either published in a large quantity, or was a lackluster seller (or both) because it was available for many years from GBM at the publication price. The copy I am showing has been signed by Mr. Gorey.

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