Monday, February 1, 2010

Amphigorey Also

Amphigorey Also is the third compilation of previously published books by author and illustrator Edward Gorey. It features a full color section in the center where it presents two titles (and the cover design from a third) in color. Still available, this volume was originally published in 1983 by Congdon & Weed, NY as an illustrated hardcover with matching dust jacket. There is an edition of the book with a different cover which was published specifically for Barnes and Noble, and their name appears on the spine (see the photo at the bottom of the listing).

This volume was also available as a slipcased, signed, limited edition of 250 numbered copies and 26 lettered copies (A - Z). The black slipcase features a small paste-up on the front. I am showing copies #C/26 and #53/250. The first trade edition (shown above right) has been signed by Mr. Gorey.

Fortunately for fans of Mr. Gorey's work, the Amphigorey series is a wonderful introduction to his stories and art. Because so many of his works first appeared as signed, limited edition volumes, individual titles can be elusive and very expensive. The four compilation books are a must have for the Gorey neophyte as well as the seasoned collector.

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