Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Prune People II

Published in 1985, The Prune People II is a sequel to The Prune People (see my posting from January 23, 2010). It is rare for Edward Gorey to create a direct sequel to a previous "A Collection" book, but he evidently enjoyed creating situations for his prune-headed creations...thus this second installment.

Printed by the Albondocani Press, New York, The Prune People II was issued in illustrated tan wrappers in an edition of 300 numbered and 26 lettered (A to Z) copies. All copies are hand signed and numbered/lettered by Mr. Gorey. I have copies Q/26 and #216/300. Shown below are the front and back of two announcement cards used to promote this publication.

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Anonymous said...

I just must say how much I love this blog. I am an avid Gorey obsessive myself, though one with a collection nowhere near the amazing scope of yours, so getting to see all these bits and pieces of Gorey's work is awesome indeed!