Friday, July 16, 2010

The Stupid Joke

The Stupid Joke was published by The Fantod Press in 1990 in a signed, numbered limited edition of 500 copies. I am showing copy #24/500.

Inside the The Stupid Joke it is stated, "Eduard Blutig's Der Stiefelknecht in a translation by Mrs. Regera Dowdy with the original pictures by O. Mude. The Fantod Press 1990". This is, of course, all Edward Gorey and he has even signed the limitation page as Mrs. Regera Dowdy.

Edward Gorey originally created this story in 1980, and it was published in Dark Forces: New Stories of Suspense and Supernatural Horror edited by Kirby McCauley, Viking, New York. The 1990 Fantod Press publication was the first separate printing. The Stupid Joke is included in Amphigorey Also.

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