Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Tuning Fork

The Tuning Fork was first published in Amphigorey Also in 1983. This was an unusual move since all books included in the Amphigorey anthologies before this were previously published. This first separate printing was published in 1990 by The Fantod Press in a signed, numbered, limited edition of 500 copies. The Tuning Fork is stated to be by Eduard Blutig in translation by Mrs. Regera Dowdy. Mr. Gorey has signed the limitation page as Mrs. Dowdy. I am showing copy #207/500.

Because of its stormy and underwater settings, Mr. Gorey has created illustrations which are a masterpiece of crosshatching. He also created an undersea monster who exacts revenge on the heroine's family through the plumbing of their house. The back cover shows the upturned family bathtub with a tuning fork floating in the sky above it.

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