Saturday, August 27, 2011


Here is an interesting short article about Edward Gorey.


BC said...

While I always enthuse when Edward Gorey receives recognition, I must take exception with a point in the recent article and attendant video that you have posted on your blog. The author states that The Recently Deflowered Girl was written by Gorey. While he did do the wonderful illustrations, he did not provide the text. In his essential bibliography Goreyography, Henry Toledano identifies Hyacinthe Phypps as a pseudonym for Mel Juffe. More recently, Edward Bradford who is producing a new definitive bibliography on Gorey identifies Hyacinthe Phypps as Mel Juffe and Monte Ghertler.

ampootozote said...

I find most articles to be incorrect in some way or another - sometimes, like this one, to be glaringly incorrect.

I found the placement of this article to be the most interesting aspect of it, being posted on ABE. Perhaps, if enough people write to Beth Carswell, she will amend her article.