Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fine Art Prints, Part 9

We continue with Gotham Book Mart's 2002 list of prints created by Edward Gorey. Most of the prints shown on this post are available for purchase from The Edward Gorey House - - although some editions are sold out. Unfortunately, I do not have large scans of many of these prints. To see the images more clearly, please reference the Gorey House web site.

#36 Elephant Ignoring The Giant Skull - 20/50 prints were hand signed.
#37 Elephant in Sea Foam - 32/75 prints were hand signed.
#38 (No Publication) - This is the first bump in the numbering system of this list. Look below for the major gap which has been causing confusion since this list was published.

#39 Loch Ness Resident - 34/50 prints were hand signed.
#40 Two Resting Striped Elephants & Two Birds - 20/50 prints were hand signed.
#41 Au Secours - 17/25 prints were hand signed. I have print #8/25 in my collection. This is the second rarest print of the series (see print #11 in a previous post). This colagraph edition was never completed because the stored plate was damaged beyond repair. While each print is signed x/25, only 17 impressions will ever exist. NOTE: Prints 1 -10 are numbered x/25 but prints 11 - 17 are numbered x/50. Mr. Gorey mistakenly signed the second batch of prints with a higher edition number.
#42 Still Life with Skull Vase & Elephant - 24/50 prints were hand signed.
#43 Le Chien de Giselle (Ballerinas) - 30/50 prints were hand signed. This image comes from Pacific Book Auctions.
***The gap in the numbering system which now occurs on the GBM list had nothing to do with Edward Gorey. Mr. Gorey created prints and sent them to Gotham Book Mart to be marketed and sold. The numbering gap exists because GBM's in-house accountant was having a difficult time keeping track of all the Gorey related material being sold at the bookstore. She finally started a list to keep track of each item, and while items #44 - #94 are Gorey related, they are not prints.

#95 Bat in Rain - 75/95 prints were hand signed.
#96 Bat - 80/95 prints were hand signed. I have print #8/95 in my collection. This is arguably the most famous of Edward Gorey's etchings, and this image has appeared on t-shirts and other Gorey related merchandise.

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