Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fine Art Prints, Part 13 - The Posthumous Prints

Following the first three prints released posthumously by Gotham Book Mart in 2003 (see previous post), the Edward Gorey House took over the publication and sale of these unique images beginning in 2004.

The House revived the official numbering sequence for prints, and the Posthumous Prints are numbers 201 through 214. The first three Posthumous Prints issued by GBM are not included on the list, so currently there are a total of 17 etchings that were printed after Edward Gorey's death.

The prints shown are available for purchase from The Edward Gorey House. Because of the quantity of prints, I am breaking them into two postings. With one exception, the etchings shown were created in editions of 99 numbered and 26 lettered prints. Print #212 was produced by Gotham Book Mart and has 99 numbered, but no lettered prints in the edition. Each print is numbered in pencil by hand and is "signed" with an embossed signature.

The first three prints are a continuation of Mr. Gorey's enigmatic Thumb series.
#201 - 1 Thumb Up
#202 - 2 Thumbs Touching
#203 - 3 Thumbs Leaning
The following five prints can be ordered from The House individually or as a set of five at a reduced price. When ordered as a set, the prints will all have the same number. My set is #99/99. I really enjoy the whimsy of these images.
#204 - Bolster on Branch
#205 - Bolster on Sofa
#206 - Bolster w/Bouys
#207 - Bolster/Swinging
#208 - The Bolster

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