Friday, April 6, 2012

Fine Art Prints, Part 14 - The Posthumous Prints

This post completes the entire list of Fine Art prints and etchings created by Edward Gorey. I have been told that there are a few more etching plates which were prepared by Mr. Gorey, but these have not been printed.

Each of the etchings shown were printed in an edition of 99 numbered and 26 lettered prints (see note on print #212) Unless otherwise noted, the prints shown are available for purchase from The Edward Gorey House.

#209 - Boy w/Tassel - This is a fantastic image!
#210 - Dog on Rock
#211 - Dog on Rock #2
#212 - Garden Ornament - Edition of 99 numbered prints - no lettered edition was printed. SOLD OUT - This print was originally offered by Gotham Book Mart in 2004, and the remaining prints were sold by The Edward Gorey House.
#213 - Twisted Creature - I love both of the Twisted Creature prints. They remind me of Mr. Gorey's Fantods.
#214 - Twisted Creature #2

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