Monday, June 18, 2012

Edward in Fur

Edward Gorey loved fur coats. His illustrations are peopled with men, and to a lesser extent women, wearing furs. He even designed fur coats and had a show of his creations (more on that in a later post).

Mr. Gorey owned many different furs and wore them around New York City. I know a theatrical costume designer who told me that in the 1960's he would see Mr. Gorey, engulfed in a huge fur coat, rushing from one place to another in NYC. The designer was also a "distinctive dresser", and the two men would nod in acknowledgment as they passed one another on the street.

I have a wonderful press photo of Edward Gorey in a voluminous fur coat, "reading" The Doubtful Guest. According to the notations typed on the back of the photo, this portrait was shot in March, 1987. While not stated, I believe the picture was taken at Gotham Book Mart. In this photo, Mr. Gorey is clearly enjoying playing The Author.

On December 9, 2010, the furs owned and worn by Edward Gorey were sold at Bloomsbury Auctions in New York City. The fur Mr. Gorey is wearing in this photo was lot #12 which is described as; Finnish Raccoon dyed green with green woolen lining and extra large lapels. Very long and heavy. This coat sold for $3200.00.

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Bloglion said...

Having had some involvement with this auction, I was very, very pleased to see so much enthusiasm for the event. As far as I'm aware, they all went to great homes.

Did you see the Paris Review article on it?