Sunday, July 1, 2012

Skeleton Weathervane

In a rare expression of self indulgence, Edward Gorey designed a Skeleton Weathervane for his home in Yarmouthport, MA, and commissioned a local blacksmith to fabricate the piece. Notes on the artwork indicate that the weathervane was designed before Mr. Gorey moved into his new home on Strawberry Lane. Installed atop the barn behind the home, the original example was soon stolen, never to be seen again. Mr. Gorey then had the blacksmith create a second example, but this piece was never installed. Virtually unknown, the replacement piece was found inside the barn after Mr. Gorey's death in April 2000.

After finding the piece in the barn, the second example was permanently installed inside the Edward Gorey House as part of its museum display. The original artwork was also found, framed, and put on display. In October 2006, the Edward Gorey House commissioned local artist Steven Swain to create a third example which was auctioned as part of a fundraising gala at The House.

Due to the interest in this extraordinary piece of Gorey memorabelia, The Edward Gorey House now offers the weathervanes on a commission basis. These are not "reproductions", but rather each weathervane is one of a series, hand made by Mr. Swain. Each comes with a fine art quality print of the original artwork as well as the N, S, E & W that was designed by Mr. Gorey. Each print has a Roman Numeral designation. I purchased a Skeleton Weathervane many years ago, and it currently resides on a side table in my living room. I have Roman Numeral print #2 - I believe  RN print #1 accompanied the weathervane that was auctioned.

In addition to the Roman Numeral/Weathervane sets, the print is available from The Edward Gorey House on its own. The print is available in three editions - 26 Lettered with embossed signature, 200 Numbered with embossed signature, and Unnumbered/unsigned.


Jean said...

Well that is just incredibly cool. I'm officially jealous. :)

Weathervane Specialists said...

That weathervane would definitely be an object of envy. That would definitely add beauty to a home. :)