Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Book on Edward Gorey Theatricals

"I will be 11 next Tuesday", says the Telegraph Boy, adding without missing a beat, "If I live until then." - Edward Gorey, acting in a performance of his work Wallpaper in 1996, dressed in shorts, holding a telegram.

Edward Gorey on Stage by Carol Verburg (Boom-Boom Books, 2012) is an newly expanded, companion volume to her previously published Edward Gorey Plays Cape Cod (see my post from August 1, 2011). Available as an e-reader, Edward Gorey on Stage is a thoroughly enjoyable publication chronicling Edward Gorey's theatrical career.

Written in an informative conversational style, Ms. Verburg recounts Mr. Gorey's interest in theater, beginning in his youth and continuing throughout his life. Her main focus is on Mr. Gorey's productions on and around Cape Cod in the 1980's and '90s. Ms. Verburg was a hands-on participant (or co-conspirator) in most of these endeavors, and she has many stories to delight the Gorey enthusiast. She reports on Mr. Gorey's creative process, directorial style, and very occasional forays into acting. She includes snippets of reviews and audience reactions to Mr. Gorey's sometimes less than linear plots.

Currently Edward Gorey Plays Cape Cod is available as an e-reader only. This format has the advantage of having highlighted areas of text which will take the reader to websites for additional information, photographs, and video links referenced in the text. Even without this high tech option, I hope this book will become available as an in-print version in future so it can join the other reference books about Edward Gorey on my shelf, and have the added exposure of being for sale at bookstores and museums like the Edward Gorey House.

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