Sunday, February 24, 2013

Graham Gallery Cats

My continuing search for images from Edward Gorey's 1974 Graham Gallery Exhibition entitled Plain & Coloured Drawings is occasionally rewarded by some newly recognized piece from the show (see my original post about the exhibition from June 30, 2009). It is my hope that one day I will have found all the images from this landmark exhibition so that we can better understand Mr. Gorey's artistic frame of mind at this important time in his career.

While researching another Gorey topic recently, I accidentally stumbled across four images which I had not realized were created for the show. I also found it amusing that these images were not hiding at all...they were actually sitting on my desk in plain sight - being printed note cards issued by Pomegranate!

On the back of each card are titles for the images, but these captions do not match the titles Mr. Gorey originally gave the images. Checking the original list of art created for the show, these images were obviously created for Graham.

Below I list the original titles and the number of the item from the show's catalog supplement. I do not know if the colors were adjusted when printing the cards or if the colors shown represent Mr. Gorey's original watercolor choices.

29. Cat on cardboard rocks

30. Cat with umbrella and flower

32. Cat inside empty picture frame

40. Cat at the corner of a carpet

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