Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Edward Gorey Lilliput Covers, Part 3

Edward Gorey created a total of three cover images for Lilliput Magazine around 1948/1950 and each is signed with Mr. Gorey's early form of initial signature, "EStJG" in block letters. I previously wrote about the two other pieces created for this magazine (see my post from July 9, 2011 & April 15, 2013). It is unclear if they were ever sent to the magazine itself or if Mr. Gorey created them as examples of his work for exhibition.

Mr. Gorey obviously intended all three pieces to be viewed as covers (or potential cover designs) for the magazine. The name is boldly featured in each composition and two of the three have the price indicated in the upper right hand corner of the paintings.

This third Lilliput cover painting again shows a sophisticated use of white space in the composition of the image. Foreground, middle and far depth is achieved simply and economically with the bleak snowy landscape indicated by using the white of the paper. The grey winter sky would become a favorite theme in Edward Gorey's works, and in this image it is effectively painted in. The detailing on the image is remarkable. The image is 5.25" x 7.75" and the two figures having tea in the snow are very tiny on the original, yet they are rendered with precise details and shading. The gentlemen remain unexpectedly unmoved by the cold desolation of the countryside, and this is one instance where a fur coat appears to be needed.

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